Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
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About Us

Dr. Diana Driscoll, together with her husband Dr. Rich Driscoll are the founders of POTS Care. Dr. Diana’s personal involvement includes the illness and recovery of herself and their children. The Driscoll family participated in numerous clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic concerning POTS and traveled the United States seeking answers for their conditions for years. Treatment failed, however, and some doctors believed their condition to be psychosomatic. Not content with these presumptions, Drs. Driscoll set up Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC to begin formalized study of these patients.

Dr. Diana Driscoll released “The Driscoll Theory” in 2011, and was the first to reveal the undiagnosed intracranial pressure problems in many of these patients. She also released information about abnormal inflammation extending far beyond mast cell activation. This book also released information concerning vascular anomalies and vagus nerve involvement in many patients – a critical piece of the puzzle for many.

Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC has since moved on to include the study of interstitial cystitis and the link to multiple sclerosis in many of these patients. Recognizing a need for identifying the underlying cause of illness in an efficient manner, the group worked toward creating an effective algorithm for diagnosis and treatment.

The knowledge obtained by Genetic Disease Investigators, LLC and the personal journey of the Driscoll family is a powerful combination when teamed with practicing physicians familiar with these conditions.

POTS Care is the culmination of a decade of research, study, and personal suffering and recovery, and is the only clinic focused on identifying and treating the medical causes for Idiopathic POTS.

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